Antah Journeys Glastonbury

Go Beyond


17 – 21 October 2017


We invite you on our third Antah Journey to Glastonbury, our most popular destination. The previous two Journeys turned out to be a great success and we have seen our participants experiencing huge transformations.
Expect no different this time.

Each of our journeys is organised around its unique intention and theme and Glastonbury always works its magic to aid our healing process by guiding us to some previously uncovered powerful places. So whether it is to be your first or another journey with us, you will experience it in a totally different and new way.

Why Glastonbury?

As Glastonbury is regocnised as a spiritual centre since the megalithic era, it is an obvious choice for this Antah Journey. It is a spellbinding, powerful place which provides the perfect setting for our special transformation process and accelerated healing. According to legend, Glastonbury would often disappear in mist only to reappear to those who are ready to see it. Are you ready to emerge from the mist and see what lies BEYOND?

Go Beyond


17 – 21 October 2017

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The workshop is run by Agnieszka Major, a certified coach and therapist recognised by a number of international organisations, an interpersonal skills trainer and a supervisor for new psychology practitioners.

She has a Masters degree in Psychology and Law. Agnieszka lives and works in London but also runs workshops, training sessions and group therapies all over the world. She also trains specialists in the fields of LFT, NLP, individual and corporate coaching and a number of other areas. Agnieszka is highly experienced in business consultation and specialises in mentoring, change management, professional burnout, executive and management coaching as well as the implementation of solutions for improving efficiency amongst employees.



When confronting specific problem areas in your life, it is easier to make these changes when you are away from your usual surroundings. Antah Journeys are powerful retreats that take participants on a journey of healing and discovery. During these journeys we will address specific issues while also being emerged in the location, chosen specifically for the purpose of the journey. We have held Abduncance Workshops in Dubai and Hong Kong and Healing in GLastonbury, UK.

It’s my third time. I see my changes, other people
from training see it too. Fabulous feeling, feeling of
renovation, feeling of peace and freedom.
Thank you! 🙂

Assem Nissambaeva, Dubai

I came to Aga’s course for company and I didn’t have any
expectations. I enjoyed Aga’s one-to-one work with each participant.
I had new feelings in my body after my session with her. I have new
sense of myself! Thank you to this practice!

Anastasia Dokukina, St.Petersburg

It’s very interesting journey to myself. Examination,
observation and learning of myself. It’s for brave and
courageous people who are ready to change their life,
its quality and become more interesting for themselves.
It’s fascinating way and be ready for adrenaline 🙂

Ilona Starchenkova , Моscow

I’m so grateful I’ve been given an opportunity to be
a part of this beautiful circle of women. It’s a pleasure
and an honour to watch us all grow and evolve. Simply
because WE CAN. Every month I’m looking forward to
our meeting and celebration of womanity.

Beata Rzeznikiewicz, London

The course is filled by warm, effuse, supporting energy
of women circle. It’s a possibility to meet myself in each
person. Feel my value. Accept our importance in each
other processes. And every open soul is a possibility to
make a gift for myself choosing sensibleness.
Thank you.

Alexandra Tretyakova, Moscow

This training for me is like an absent puzzle which I
was searching so long outside… Thank you my dear Agnes,
you gave me what I need. I am happy that I came
to this incredible training!

Tomiris Muslim, Almaty

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