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Our true identity consists of both feminine and masculine energies. These energies affect our daily behaviour towards everyone we interact with. By knowing about this dynamic relationship and allowing these energies to be in balance, we become more effective, flexible and powerful in our daily lives.

Depending on the situation it is sometimes more useful to harness the one instead of the other. During this workshop we are going to meet, confront and align both these sides with our values and our beliefs.


Almaty: 18 – 20 December 2015

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Topics covered during workshop:

  • Understanding the roles, and perceived roles, that gender plays

  • Identity, self-esteem and how it relates to masculine and feminine energies

  • The importance of both male and female energies

  • The disconnection process (from ex partners, abusers and people you don’t want in your life)

  • Understanding the needs of a woman and that of a man

  • Intimacy and Sexuality

  • Fear of being in a relationship or being alone

  • Overcoming shyness towards the opposite sex

  • Gender related expectations, tolerance and perceived weaknesses

  • Money, boundaries and independance

  • Balancing your inner feminine and masculine energies

  • Accepting the fact that your partner is not you

  • Meeting your shadow parts

  • Trust

  • Change management

Workshop Objectives:

  • Get you ready to create loving, supportive and deep satisfying relationships with yourself and others

  • You will be able to create the passionate friendships you have always wanted

  • Releasing you from the traumas which blocks your trust in other people

  • Feeling safe being on your own as well as being surrounded by others

  • Stop comparing yourself to others

  • Belief in yourself and your own abilities

  • You will walk away with a sense of inner and outer change.

Who will benefit:

  • Everyone who wants to understand the roles that gender and feminine and masculine energies play.

  • Couples to understand their individual roles

  • Single people struggling with the opposite sex

  • Anyone who feels an unbalance or longing for wholeness in their life

Please Note

This is a healing workshop consisting of individual healing sessions in front of the group as well as group exercises. We will use new cutting edge powerful healing techniques as well as shamanic modalities.

The topics covered during the workshop is not limited to the above and can change due to the needs and the requirements of the participants or due to time constraints.

** This workshops is only open to participants who have attended either the Women’s Wisdom or Self Made Man Healing Workshops