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About Life Flow States

A lot of the time we tend to do things because we feel obligated to. And if we ‘have to do it’ are we really truly free?

Think about the beliefs of your family, all the teachings about how to behave that you have absorbed throughout your life, the influence of your religious group, all the messages and comments you hear on the news, the opinions and views of the friends you identify with most and all your past experiences.

Now answer the below questions for yourself:


  • How many of your relationships do you build because you want to and how many because you feel you need?
  • How many things do you do because of social norms or the rules of the groups you participate in?
  • How often do you do things simply because you want to?
  • How often is your head quiet and peaceful?
  • How often can you defy the norms imposed on you and just be yourself and be happy with the way you are?
  • How often does situations activate you and are you able to stop yourself from acting upon your activated emotions?
  • How quickly can you regroup yourself after a stressful or problematic situation?
  • Are you engaging in any activities that you can’t seem to let go of, but really wish you could? (This could include bad habits, addictions in all their varieties)
  • Are there relationships you want to, but just can’t seem to break free off?
  • Are you able to look at your life from a wider perspective? To be more flexible?
  • Are you able to look beyond your fears and limiting beliefs which cloud your judgement and stops you from taking action?
  • How free are you really?
The truth is, it is our nature as humans to live fulfilling, rewarding lives and to reach our true potential, without having the above limitations. Unfortunately, in reality, most of us do not think that this is even possible.

We would do almost anything to obtain and prolong those rare moments that we are longing for, that missing piece of the puzzle that we are aware of but simply can not find. Sometimes we are even ready to resolve to desperate measures, get involved in activities that in the long run can be harmful for us, just so that we can experience that moment of beauty, calm, completeness, you name it, once again.

This is where Life flow States come in to the picture.

You now have the ability to return to a calmer, more stable version of yourself that ultimately can lead to a more successful and fulfilling life. To return to your true identity and the optimal life path that is associated with that version of yourself.

Life Flow (LF) States does exactly that.

Each of the States can help you deal with different problem areas in your life and they each work in specific way. The state, once recovered, remains with you permanently but differs in intensity depending on the current events in your life. Metaphorically speaking we could say that the state is actively running in the background all the time.

In truth, Life Flow States are our birth right, but due to various damaging events during our development stages, we lose them. These events could happen at preconception, conception or when we develop in the womb and, based upon the severity of the damage, we either lose the state in part or entirely.

How Life Flow States differs from other modalities is in the results… The results are much faster and longer lasting than any other modalities. Feel free to read more about the individual LiFe Flow States and the benefits that they can provide you below.

There is no Magic pill…

All the State related Information below is only a guideline as to the benefits you can expect and represent the most frequent and recurring results we see in most of our clients. There might even be more positive changes that you can expect.


Please Note


As mentioned before on AntahOcean: Our primary goal is to get results for our clients. To move you from fear to taking action and ultimately to achieve positive lasting change and transformation in your life. All of this is possible but even with the below states as part of your tools, you are still required to take ACTION and responsibility for your life.

States and Processes are done through distance healing and face to face contact is not needed. Expected time scales vary, depending upon the chosen states or package, but as a rule of thumb usually takes about 3 weeks to have the state.

Antah Ocean does not take any responsibility for results or lack of results. In ordering the states it means the person is aware of consequences of the processes. We do not refund any money as they cover the time we spend to recovering the state and not the result achieved.

Some people experience effects immediately, some after certain time. Everything depends on the client’s individual situation. Read the full disclaimer here.

More information on other available Life Flow States and processes are provided upon request and can be tailored to clients needs and circumstances. Sometimes, in order to achieve the desired result, more than one state is required.

States in detail


Please have a look at the states we currently offer:

Inner Balance State

Gratitude State

Here and Now State

Freeflow State

Freedom State

Advanced Freedom State

Core Essence State

Emotion Flow State


State Packages and Price List


Stabilisation Package


The three primary States – Inner Balance, Gratitude and Here and Now – work together to give you a firm and supportive foundation for growth. Their balancing effect makes them, as a group, the most important of the States as they give you the equilibrium to be unruffled by everyday triggers so you can pursue your positive purpose. Afterwards you will be happier, more effective, focussed and connected to people and the world around you.

This Package is also recommended for children. Its stabilising effect helps them to consciously direct their attention, focus better and not be activated by every day life events.

These three States are a pre-requisite for moving on to the more advanced States.


  • Strong sense of harmony and stability
  • Balanced emotional reactions
  • Decrease in stress levels
  • More conscious decision-making, unencumbered by emotions
  • Attract more positivity into your life
  • Increased sense of happiness and wellbeing
  • Improved attention, concentration and focus

Order Now – £1950


Abundance Freeflow Package


Everyone wants abundance.

So what is stopping you from having whatever you want?

Well lets see:

  • Your Actions: Not taking any or taking the “wrong” kind of actions
  • Your Beliefs: I am not worthy. I have enough. I am just not good with money. That is for rich people. If I only have… Money is the root of all evil… Sounds familiar?
  • Your Habits: Not saving? Still sliding deeper into debt? Applying for another credit card?

So you say you have fixed the above issues and you have read a lot of books around the issue of financial success and independence, yet still NO desired results.

The reason for this is because you are not connected to the abundance energy. The most important step is to clear ALL of the traumas which block your natural state of abundance. Once this is done, you will experience unlimited abundance.

This package does exactly that. It heals your underlying, deep rooted traumas and enhances your life energy, so your actions are more orientated to be in the state of abundance. And if your actions are focused towards this, you WILL get more results.

Benefits of this package:

  • Be aligned and in flow with the abundance frequency
  • Works on all limiting beliefs related to finance and related to receiving
  • Heals all traumas and blockages on all possible levels relating to abundance
  • Changes habits that we have a lack of money
  • Changing thinking about what is possible or not about abundance
  • Clearing mental imprints which blocks the flow of energy of money

Who will benefit:

  • People struggling with money, debt and cash flow
  • People with false or limiting beliefs about money
  • Anyone who wants to increase their wealth and abundance
  • Anyone looking for financial independence and financial success
  • Anyone who feels poor and does not have enough…

The Package Consists of the following:

a 6 month program includes a monthly one to one skype session for the duration of the 6 months Includes 3 Life Flow States (Not listed on this page) includes Action steps and exercises to ensure you are making progress during the process

** REQUIREMENTS: Stabilisation Package and Advanced Freedom State

Take action towards for you financial success NOW!

Order Now – £ 5750


Identity Package


This is an advanced option for people who want to transform their identity and discover their true personality free from blocks, traumas associated to ancestors, culture and false beliefs about who you should be. After this package there is only one optional life path, the best possible one for this carnation, our alternative paths are dissolved. Our efficiency increases drastically . We are at peace with the events happening in our lives.

This package is recommended for people who are experienced in self development modalities and ready for further change.

PLEASE NOTE: This package consist of states not listed on this page. These states directly work on our core identity.

** REQUIREMENT: Freedom State, Advanced Freedom State and Core Essence

This package includes 4 identity processes which have a huge impact on the way we think about ourselves, as mentioned these states are not listed on this page. For more information please use the enquire form below.

Order Now – £2350

Price list


States and Processes are done through distance healing and face to face contact is not needed.

Expected time scales vary, depending upon the chosen states or package, but as a rule of thumb usually takes about 3 weeks to have the state.

1 State / Process: £950

Any 3 States (excluding Advanced Freedom State): £1950

Freedom State Package (Freedom State + Advanced Freedom State) : £3500

Advanced Freedom State Only (Freedom State Required) : £3000

Abundance Freeflow Package: £5750

Stabilisation Package: £1950

Identity Package: £2350

One to One session with Agnes (via Skype): £190 / hour