The wait is finally over.

This year we are opening the doors to Antah Ocean’s Life Flow Therapy (LFT) School.


You can now start your journey in learning the techniques and methodology behind Life Flow Therapy (LFT) and the benefits that these can provide. We have taken great care in putting together what we believe to be a comprehensive and practical learning path to teach you the fast, effective and lasting healing technique that is Life Flow Therapy (LFT).

Training in this method not only allows you to heal yourself and those around you, it also provides you with the tools to navigate and overcome life’s obstacles, challenges and tests.

It is a progressive system of learning which ultimately opens you up to becoming a trained Professional in the LFT method, working with Antah Ocean as a peer and becoming part of our Research Team.

We look forward to assisting you on this path of personal development, fulfilment and actualisation.


Beginner Level: Yes You Can

This is the first step on your journey. Yes You Can provides an in depth and thorough introduction to the basic techniques of the method. During this 4 to 5 day Workshop you will be steadily guided through the techniques in a safe and relaxed environment.

For a comprehensive outline and to book your seat for the next workshop please visit:


Intermediate Level: LFT Modules 1, 2 and 3

At the Intermediate Level there are three modules of training in the method. This will form the core of the technique. During these modules we will go into great depth and detail into the intricacies as they form part of the method. You can choose individual modules that you find of interest or participate in all three as you desire.

All 3 Modules are required in order to become a LFT Certified Practitioner.

Practitioner Level: LFT Certified Practitioner Programme

If your have the true desire and commitment to work on yourself, to finally face your fears and overcome the blockages standing in your way, then becoming a LFT Certified Practitioner is for you.

This is an intense 1 year programme that runs in conjunction with the three LFT modules described at the Intermediate Level. You will receive in depth additional training, as well as one to one, group and peer Supervision. The main priority is to ensure that you completely understand the techniques and methods and how to apply them effectively.

The LFT Certified Practitioner Programme opens you up to collaboration and franchise opportunities with Antah Ocean, available only at the Advanced training Level.

We will look at these opportunities next.

Advanced Level

At this level there are 4 paths for further training, development and opportunities.

Life FLow States Training

During this advanced training you will learn how to recover Life Flow States for yourself and others. Training will be covered during several workshops which will include practice and preparation in order to successfully work with clients in recovering Life Flow States.

Research & Development

We are constantly doing research into improving our methods and exploring new ways of working. Joining us in this endeavour can be very rewarding as you will form part of our team and become even more involved in the method and its future.

Life Flow Therapy (LFT) Trainer

Becoming an LFT trainer provides you with the ability of running your own training Workshops. You are essentially becoming a franchise of the LFT School and expanding awareness around the various techniques and methods.

Helping more people overcome their limitations by using our fast, effective and lasting technique is our number one priority. Join us in making this possible.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Knowing how to apply the techniques in specific difficult situations is an essential skill for all therapists and healers. We will be launching specialized training workshops for this further development, honing your skills to ensure you have the confidence to apply the method when difficult situations arise. Learn further LFT Techniques for use in specific contexts and receive new developments in the method.


If you fall into any of the below groups of people then you will find benefit in training at the Life Flow Therapy (LFT) School:

  • Anyone interested in Personal Development & Growth
  • Therapists
  • Psychologists
  • Teachers & Trainers
  • Coaches
  • Healers
  • Health care professionals
  • Company owners
  • Consultants
  • Managers
  • Business Leaders
  • Human Resources
  • Professionals
  • Care Takers
  • Parents

Training at the Life Flow Therapy (LFT) School is open to everyone as the techniques is of universal application. We encourage all people to learn and apply these techniques for themselves. It does require patience, determination and practice as well as the willingness to change and take control of your life.


We look forward to working with you!


The workshop is run by Agnieszka Major, a certified coach and therapist recognised by a number of international organisations, an interpersonal skills trainer and a supervisor for new psychology practitioners.

She has a Masters degree in Psychology and Law. Agnieszka lives and works in London but also runs workshops, training sessions and group therapies all over the world. She also trains specialists in the fields of LFT, NLP, individual and corporate coaching and a number of other areas. Agnieszka is highly experienced in business consultation and specialises in mentoring, change management, professional burnout, executive and management coaching as well as the implementation of solutions for improving efficiency amongst employees.


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