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Brand New 1 & 3 Day Workshops


Antah Healing is a transformative workshop aimed at generating profound and lasting changes in the most important areas of life for each participant. It is open to both Men and Women and consists of individual healing sessions in front of the group as well as group exercises.


04 November 2017 – Manchester
05 November 2017 – London
14 January 2018 – London
11 March 2018 – London
13 May 2018 – London
15 July 2018 – London

** Maximum Capacity 10 people


During the workshop Aga employs a range of healing methods to achieve fast, effective and lasting results including: LFT (Life Flow Therapy), Reconnective Healing, family constellations, shamanic modalities as well as drawing on her wealth of training and therapeutic experience.

Healing usually occurs around the following areas: unpleasant experiences, conscious and unconscious fears, stereotypes resulting from family and the culture we grew up in as well as a broad range of damages that may have happened during different stages of biological and biographical development.

Aga does not work with the symptoms and patterns of behaviour, but goes to work on healing the underlying causes of these, known as trauma threads. They originate at the level of the cell and prevent us from feeling the state of love, gratitude, abundance, being here and now and others.

During the workshop Aga works with each of the participants individually, but at the same time she also works with the group as a whole, as we all tend to have similar issues. We all want to be healthy, have harmonious relationships with our family, partners and friends, achieve financial prosperity and develop our potential and talents. So in this way each participant actually takes part in all sessions carried out during the workshop.


Availability for these events are limited to 10 Seats for the 1 day and 25 Seats to the 3 day Workshops.

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Agnieszka Major is an internationally recognised therapist and coach who uses a highly progressive combination of scientific methods and experimental techniques to bring positive change to her clients’ lives. Her work incorporates a wealth of transformative knowledge and modalities, including psychology, energy healing, NLP, shamanism, neuroscience, genetics, microbiology and important ancient teachings.

Certified by a number of international organisations, she is actively involved in cutting edge research on the functioning of the human psyche. Through this collaborative research she has co-founded a new methodology called Life Flow Therapy, a set of healing techniques that deliver rapid, effective and lasting results. She is currently conducting research which aims to scientifically prove the healing potential of this method and its effect on a biological level.


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