About Antah Ocean

Antah Ocean was born out of the real need for healing in today’s society. Far too many people are going through their daily lives unaware of their full potential and not living the lives they dreamt of living.

Our main goal is to empower you and release you from the fears and traumas, phobias and anxieties, limiting and destructive self beliefs, addictions and negative thought patterns. You can only live your true life purpose if you are aware of what is really going on around you, without the above negatives influencing and limiting you on your journey.

We aim to make people more conscious that everything is possible and that the limitation is only within your belief system and to guide them to take responsibility for their lives and decisions. It is usually the difficult decisions in our lives that form the stepping stones to massive change and our true potential.

Antah Healing is the quickest and most effective method of allowing you to find and neutralise your limiting factors, to put your body and mind back into its natural balance and frequency, so that you are free to access your full potential, through healing the source of the problem.

To achieve the above results, Antah Ocean, uses many different approaches depending on the clients’ needs as every person’s situation, experiences and problems are unique. These techniques are grouped under the term Antah Healing which is the sum total of our experience. It is the combination of more than 15 years of exploration and research info fields like Clinical Psychology, Family Constellation, Reconnective Healing, NLP, Life Flow Therapy (LFT), Shamanic practices to name but a few.

One of our most successful methods is Life Flow Therapy, which Agnieszka Major is the co-creator of. Life Flow Therapy or LFT and Life Flow States, includes a set of processes that have proved extremely successful in releasing and healing underlying traumas, phobias, addictions, personal problems and helping to improve the quality of life.

Stop suffering and start to live life to your full potential.

About Agnieszka Major

Agnieszka Major is the founder of Antah Ocean, the Co-founder of the Life Flow Therapy and is also actively involved in cutting edge research on the subject of the functioning of the human psyche.

She has a Masters degree in Psychology (University of Warsaw) and Law (University of Gdansk). Agnieszka is a coach,author, therapist and an interpersonal skills trainer and supervisor for new psychology practitioners. She has over 15 years experience in the personal development field helping people to discover their true potential and become what they are truly meant to be.

She leads workshops, training, individual, couple and group therapy and seminars covering which include: Antah Healing, LFT, NLP, Family Constellation. Reconnective Healing, developing positive motivational strategies, techniques for setting efficient and effective objectives, improving and enhancing self-confidence and self-esteem, developing creativity, finding and unlocking true identity and potential, coaching and self-coaching.

In the field of Business she specialises in: mentoring, change management, professional burnout, executive and management coaching as well as implementation of solutions for improving efficiency of employees.

She is also the author of a poetry book inspired by her professional, personal and spiritual journey : Inner Wisdom (published under the pseudonym Maya Alexis Belluci)