Women’s Wisdom Empowerment and Healing Workshop

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About the Workshop


You are a woman. Maybe you are a wife or single, a mother or a daughter. Perhaps both. You play a lot of roles everyday and sometimes might feel confused, disoriented or not like yourself. Possibly you are feeling directionless or maybe not, but still you feel like something is standing in the way of your dreams.

If this sounds familiar and you are ready for a life changing experience, then this workshop is for you. Come and join our sanctuary for women to empower and to heal you.

During this workshop our focus is not only on the inner feminine side and our soul, but also on the body and how the two relate. Let the body and the mind finally merge together.


Benefits of taking part in Women’s Wisdom Empowerment and Healing Workshop

  • 40% off your FIRST Life Flow State
  • 10% discount for LIFE on all Life Flow States
  • Access to the Private Women’s Wisdom Group for International Networking
  • Be first to receive information on new products, workshops, promotions and giveaways

Workshops by location


Due to time constraints each of the workshops is unique and customised with different regional evening activities. Feel free to have a look at the program for each event.


08 – 09 Sept. 2017 – Women’s Wisdom (London)
10 – 11 Nov. 2017 – Women’s Wisdom (London)
12 – 13 Jan. 2018 – Women’s Wisdom (London)
09 – 10 March 2018 – Women’s Wisdom (London)

** Maximum Capacity 10 People, 3 Day 24 people

To Book your seat please contact us at: info@antahocean.com



For future dates please contact us at: info@antahocean.com

St. Petersburg

For future dates please contact us at: info@antahocean.com

For more information click here.



For future dates please contact us at: info@antahocean.com


For future dates please contact us at: info@antahocean.com


For future dates please contact us at: info@antahocean.com

Workshop Objectives


  • You will feel more powerful, confident, divine, prosperous and beautiful.
  • We will activate the powerful resources within you.
  • You will get back in touch with your sexuality.
  • We will instigate the healing of relationships, self acceptance and the setting of boundaries.
  • You will walk away with a sense of inner and outer change.

Please Note


This is a healing workshop consisting of individual healing sessions in front of the group as well as group exercises. We will use new cutting edge powerful healing techniques as well as shamanic modalities. The topics covered during the workshop are listed below. These can change due to the needs and the requirements of the participants or due to time constraints.

Topics Covered


  • Fear of change and limiting beliefs.
  • Focus on the feminine side as a resource
  • Image, physical awareness and self acceptance
  • Relationships, boundaries and reclaiming your power, freedom and sexuality
  • The disconnection process (from ex partners, abusers and people you don’t want in your life)
  • Sexuality: Guilt and Acceptance, Associations, Trust, Emotional Obstacles, Freedom, Intimacy
  • Financial freedom and independance
  • The influence of money on you and your relationships
  • Passion, your career and success
  • Identity, giving and receiving love
  • Defining who you are
  • What are your roles in life?
  • What is the purpose of your life?
  • Finding your true power and Unleashing your divine inner self
Women's Wisdom

Women's Wisdom


About Agnieszka Major

Agnieszka Major is the founder of Antah Ocean, the Co-founder of Life Flow Therapy and is also actively involved in cutting edge research on the subject of the functioning of the human psyche.

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Evening Speakers


Every night after the daily workshop there will be an optional arranged evening session with special guests. These will be confirmed closer to the event.

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