The Advanced Freedom State works deeply within the body and its energy field to heal a heaviness that has a powerfully negative influence. When such negativity arises there is often a biological element that needs to be addressed. We are made up not only of cells, but also of microbes, and as science is showing, those microbes have the power to affect our behaviour. When there is extreme darkness or shadow within someone, their microbial make-up may need to be rebalanced. Part of the negativity in your life may not be coming from you but instead from this microbiological influence. When we start to clear it, you can be free and you will notice your relationships start to transform, becoming cleaner and healthier.

The Advanced Freedom State is recommended for people who find they revert back to negative patterns after initial success with healing therapies. Finally, you can clear the problem at the source, by targeting the biological elements deep within the cells. It is also recommend for those who work with people as it’s helpful in protecting you and your clients from contaminating each other when working with energy techniques.


The results of the Advanced Freedom State are only fully noticeable after some time, as the world around us needs time for adjust. The final results may vary due to personal circumstances and the above description is only the guidelines of possible results. After recuperating this state you might need additional training to acquire missing skills to deal with your life situation or to fully benefit from process.

This state is not recommended for women while pregnant.

REQUIREMENT: Standard Freedom State


  • Less likely to be involved in conflict
  • Protects you from negative influence or manipulation imposed upon you by groups
  • Heals personal tendencies towards manipulation of others, especially towards groups
  • Clears negative feelings and tendency towards self-harm and self-sabotage
  • More life energy
  • Possibly minimal sleep state
  • Greatly reduces the manipulation from Microbes and parasites
  • More conscious of your boundaries
  • Improves your ability to interact with others truthfully, without manipulation and attachment.
  • Enhanced IQ with an increased ability to connect information and ideas
  • Gives you more clarity
  • Clears the mechanism of substitute emotions
  • Gives healers, therapists and clients protection when working on an energetic level


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For more information on Life Flow States and how they can improve your life, download a copy of the Life Flow States Brochure on this page.



As mentioned before on AntahOcean: Our primary goal is to get results for our clients. To move you from fear to taking action and ultimately to achieve positive lasting change and transformation in your life. All of this is possible but even with the below states as part of your tools, you are still required to take ACTION and responsibility for your life.

States and Processes are done through distance healing and face to face contact is not needed. Expected time scales vary, depending upon the chosen states or package, but as a rule of thumb usually takes about 3 weeks to have the state.

Antah Ocean does not take any responsibility for results or lack of results. In ordering the states it means the person is aware of consequences of the processes. We do not refund any money as they cover the time we spend to recovering the state and not the result achieved.

Some people experience effects immediately, some after certain time. Everything depends on the client’s individual situation. Read the full disclaimer here.

More information on other available Life Flow States and processes are provided upon request and can be tailored to clients needs and circumstances. Sometimes, in order to achieve the desired result, more than one state is required.