This State helps you get back to who you really are. Often we become so attached to a constructed identity that we are lost when change arrives. A mother whose children have just left home, a person retiring after 30 years in the same job, someone who is forced to move to a new country – a shift in our circumstances can create great internal conflict when we are overly attached to an external identity. But it’s not just our external identity, our internal identity can have a prohibitive effect on who we are too. We may unconsciously align with the beliefs of our parents or our cultural heritage for example, and this too can be a limiting force in our lives, stopping us from being all that we can be.

With the Core Essence State you can begin to understand that your roles or circumstances in life are not you. Finally, you will have the power to be who you really are, free of all other influences. Without the existential anxieties around survival that come with the constant, underlying fear of losing your identity, you will feel more connected to your inner purpose and more courageous to pursue your greatest goals. You will find yourself acting from the heart, driven by your own beliefs and values. Your true self will be free to shine as you come into a deeply stable, unlimited state of being.

The Core Essence State also heals the underlying forces that create a tendency to switch into different personalities in different situations. After this State, you will experience greater stability and more congruence with your true identity.

Prerequisites: Inner Balance State, Freedom State


  • More connected to your true self
  • Less anxiety around survival
  • Acting upon your own beliefs
  • Removes internal influences so true essence can appear
  • Identity becomes more consistent and congruent


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For more information on Life Flow States and how they can improve your life, download a copy of the Life Flow States Brochure on this page.



As mentioned before on AntahOcean: Our primary goal is to get results for our clients. To move you from fear to taking action and ultimately to achieve positive lasting change and transformation in your life. All of this is possible but even with the below states as part of your tools, you are still required to take ACTION and responsibility for your life.

States and Processes are done through distance healing and face to face contact is not needed. Expected time scales vary, depending upon the chosen states or package, but as a rule of thumb usually takes about 3 weeks to have the state.

Antah Ocean does not take any responsibility for results or lack of results. In ordering the states it means the person is aware of consequences of the processes. We do not refund any money as they cover the time we spend to recovering the state and not the result achieved.

Some people experience effects immediately, some after certain time. Everything depends on the client’s individual situation. Read the full disclaimer here.

More information on other available Life Flow States and processes are provided upon request and can be tailored to clients needs and circumstances. Sometimes, in order to achieve the desired result, more than one state is required.