Artists and athletes describe it as ‘being in the zone’, that feeling of energised focus, when you are completely absorbed in what you are doing. Also known as ‘flow’, it is a pleasurable experience that’s highly conducive to intense growth and learning.

The Free Flow State allows you to access your own sense of flow. Extremely helpful for everyone, but especially those who are creative, it allows us to connect with our creativity and our ability to problem-solve. It clears obstacles giving us easier access to all the information stored within us so that we can quickly come up with ideas and solutions.

Your ability not only to learn but also to perform will be greatly enhanced. Whether you are giving a speech or writing a paper, you will experience a timeless sense of oneness with the environment and the activity you are engaged in. If you want to experience the joy of being completely absorbed in what you’re doing, to think faster and feel more inspired, and to perform to your full creative and intellectual potential, the Free Flow State will help you.


  • Access creative inspiration
  • Improves multitasking
  • Think faster and more efficiently
  • Broader access to all the information ‘stored’ in your mind
  • Ability to pull bits of information into a logical whole
  • Broadens your perception and vision


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For more information on Life Flow States and how they can improve your life, download a copy of the Life Flow States Brochure on this page.



As mentioned before on AntahOcean: Our primary goal is to get results for our clients. To move you from fear to taking action and ultimately to achieve positive lasting change and transformation in your life. All of this is possible but even with the below states as part of your tools, you are still required to take ACTION and responsibility for your life.

States and Processes are done through distance healing and face to face contact is not needed. Expected time scales vary, depending upon the chosen states or package, but as a rule of thumb usually takes about 3 weeks to have the state.

Antah Ocean does not take any responsibility for results or lack of results. In ordering the states it means the person is aware of consequences of the processes. We do not refund any money as they cover the time we spend to recovering the state and not the result achieved.

Some people experience effects immediately, some after certain time. Everything depends on the client’s individual situation. Read the full disclaimer here.

More information on other available Life Flow States and processes are provided upon request and can be tailored to clients needs and circumstances. Sometimes, in order to achieve the desired result, more than one state is required.